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Down to Earth Opals

where opal chooses you ...™
established 1991

Our Opals

The world’s best and most renowned opals are found in one country - Australia.

The “Best of the Best”, Australian Black Opal comes only from Lightning Ridge in NSW.

Since 1991, Down to Earth Opals has been mining, designing and specialising in selling to the world, one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces and top gem quality loose solid opals.

Down to Earth Opals have an outstanding collection of Lightning Ridge black opal, and supply everything from opal rubs, specimens, solid cut and carved stones to bespoke opal jewellery.

About Us

Down to Earth Opals has transitioned over a period of 30 years from opal mining
to domestic and international retail and wholesale of the best opal in the world.

Our story follows the well trodden path of blood, sweat, tears, hard work, passion and luck!

A Truly Unique Shopping Experience

Down to Earth Opals gallery exhibits not only exquisite Australian opal, but also unique modern art jewellery, textiles and collectibles from around the world, complemented by stunning and distinctive Aboriginal artworks from the Utopia region of Australia.