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Rough Opal

Unless you can travel to Lightning Ridge, it can be very difficult to get hold of ‘Ridge’ opal rubs or specimens. We want EVERYBODY to be able to enjoy the pleasure and challenge of cutting, carving or collecting this amazing gemstone.

Rough Lightning Ridge opal is in high demand, even locally, so what’s on offer depends on what we’ve been able to acquire from our opal miner friends and associates. We suggest contacting us for any rough opal enquiries becuase we tend to cut all the rough we buy.

Rough opal is opal as it comes out of the ground or the agitation process (washing and tumbling). It has not been touched by lapidary equipment. Rough opal may be of seam or nobby form; it may be black, grey or crystal; it may contain variable amounts of gem colour amongst the natural clay stone, sandstone and common opal or potch.

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