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Serenity arrives at DTEO

Serenity arrives at DTEO

From Tucson USA to Lightning Ridge Australia, Serenity stands proud in the black opal capital of the world


On Saturday evening 21st October 2017, Vicki Bokros celebrated not only her newest arrival at Down To Earth Opals, but also the journey that has led her to her success over the past 25 years. Locals sipped champagne and helped welcome “Serenity” to Lightning Ridge. Serenity, a 7 foot steel statue of a woman, featuring long hair made from bike chains which flows effortlessly down her back, looking out into the distance, her arm outstretched, fingers releasing a butterfly.

Serenity is the artwork of John T Benedict, an artist and sculptor who resides in Tucson, Arizona USA. Vicki fell in love with Serenity, as she has done with Lightning Ridge and the inspiration she treasures from living here.

You can find Serenity in the courtyard of Down To Earth Opals which is her new home after travelling all the way from Tucson more than 13,000km away. Serenity resonates with Vicki through the connection of cycling, her other passion next to opal jewellery design. The butterfly in Serenity’s hand reminds Vicki of the Dreamtime story Pullah Pullah.


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