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collection of unset black opal

Unset Opal Collection

Down to Earth Opals has one of the biggest collections of unset opals globally. That’s why our tagline is “Where Opal Chooses You.” The opal of your dreams is waiting in our extensive collection. 

Each tray showcases unset opals that are carefully color-matched, simplifying the selection process for clients. This thoughtful arrangement helps clients find the opal color that most resonates with their personal taste, ensuring a more personalized and enjoyable experience. 

As for our beautiful ceramic opal trays, Vicki occasionally indulges in the art of wheel-thrown pottery. She has a particular fondness for stoneware clay, which, when fired, evokes memories of the natural opal clay where these precious gems are formed. 

“I am captivated by the subtle hues of opal clay and the striking contrast they create with the vibrant colors of the gems. This interplay allows the opals to stand out in their own right, providing a space where their natural beauty can be fully appreciated,” Vicki explains.



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